The Stuttgart Pop-Scholarships are funded by the City of Stuttgart (Cultural Office), the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH), the Stuttgart Youth Center (Stuttgarter Jugendhaus gGmbH) and the alwa foundation.

The current application phase ends on January 15, 2024.

In 2024, the Pop-Büro Region Stuttgart will award production grants of 5,000 euros each and honourable mentions of 2,000 euros for the third time. These grants can be used for the production of music albums or formats of comparable artistic relevance and similar scope. The call for applications is aimed at artists who are active in the field of pop music and whose main place of residence and main focus of work is in Stuttgart and the region.

The production, replication and distribution of new EPs or albums present pop musicians with major financial and logistical challenges. Especially in pop music, releases are an essential part of creating the basis for live performances and further career opportunities. In order to support pop musicians in a meaningful way in the area of production and publication of their creative work, the Pop-Büro Region Stuttgart and the Cultural Office of the State Capital Stuttgart jointly launched the pop-scholarships for the Stuttgart region in 2021.

Do you have further questions regarding the pop-scholarships or the application process? Please send us an email at We will help you!